So we decided to take a trip to Marina Island in Perak. It's opposite Pangkor Island and is still under development. But who cares? The jetty is operating and there are boats at the marina. The beach is clean. The main thing is, my dad works there. And yes, the sunset there is AWESOME.

And beware, this post is filled with pictures. The pictures below are without edits, with the exception of one which I had to crop. Oh yes, some pictures taken by my brother. Well, I lent him my digital camera because he liked taking photos too.

Map of Pangkor Island and Marina Island. Well, it takes less than 10 minutes to get to Pangkor Island from the jetty at Marina Island and the price for a single trip is less than RM10. (I've forgotten the exact amount)

Took the little boy for a spin along the waterfront with a rented bicycle.

And uhm, well, he like these jumping poses so I took one of him jumping, with a crazy smile.

What can I say? I love landscape photography. x)

The sun's beginning to set in the west so... you'd better brace yourselves for another series of sunset photos.

preview. :D

Here goes nothing!

Streaks of reds and oranges in the blue sky. :3

and my favourite one is coming up next!

The sky was just so beautiful that day. LOVE IT. and thank God it didn't rain. :D

Found bro selca-ing. Cute. Haha.

Technically, this is not my first time taking sunset photos here. I've been here before with my DSLR the results were great. Unless you counted that time when there wasn't a sunset because it rained pretty much. :/
Seriously, it's a nice place.

Hmm, food post again? Since I went to Penang?
Till the next time, then. 

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