Crabstick Sandwiches


Long story short, we decided to have sandwich one day.. Ok, maybe it was an on-the-spot decision, but I'm not regretting it anyway. This is just awesome!


Here's one I did earlier in the year. Mom's friend recommended it to her. It looks nice, right? It's no bluff. :D
And it's easy to do too.

So, to make a crab stick sandwich, you'll need..
1. crab sticks (duh..)
2. bread/buns
3. cheese
4. potato chips
5. butter spread
6. mayonnaise
You could either add in whatever you like too. Make it like a Subway sandwich? Your choice.

Let's start with the crabsticks. Cut or peel them into little strips. Then, add in some mayonnaise and mix well.

Then, slice the bread/buns and spread some butter on it.

Add in the crabmeat. 

Put in the cheese slices.

And pop them into the oven or toaster or whatever for 1~2 minutes. You could skip this step if you want to.

Next, add in the potato chips. Crush them into smaller pieces if you like them that way.
Oops. Think I've burnt the buns a little.. But never mind, they are still tasty.

That's all for this DIY food project. Stay tuned for the next post. :D
And yes, it's still about food.

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