SJK(C)Sungai Buloh Charity Sales


You may not have heard of SJK(C)Sungai Buloh but it was where I spent 6 years of my life. Felt nostalgic when I got back there yesterday. Looking at the classrooms where we once chatted and played like crazy, the canteen which we often complained about, and the grassy green field...

The only difference is the auditorium that was built after we graduated.. Oh heck, there were around two dozen air-conditioners there. And a parking lot. It looked so grand!
There was a charity dinner there yesterday night too. I didn't attend it but my grandparents did. I heard that there was a firework display but my grandparents left before the show started. Awwww. :(

Back to the charity sales, it is to raise funds for the equipment in the newly-built auditorium. I went there around 7.30am with my brother and sister. I hoped to find some primary school friends there but unfortunately, I couldnt find any besides XiuYu around that time.

So, after my brother and sister abandoned me and went off with their friends, I wandered around the school and felt the nostalgia. And of course, went around the school.

There's more greenery there, compared to my current school. Well, probably it is because my current school is nearer to the capital or something.

Clay figurines. Awwwww, I spy a Flareon. :D

A number of items were sold there. Veggies, noodles, cakes, milk tea, crispy chicken, toys, electrical appliances, bread, newspapers, magazines, biscuits, balloons.. You name it! My brother contributed some cupcakes baked by my grandma too. Of course, there were game booths too.

There's even a haunted house booth there. Here's one of the assistants helping with the make up.

Anyway, I met up with my mom and after that my grandma and my house helper.
And Xiu Yu too.

Here's my sister. Acting cute, again.

And here's me. Just scroll along and ignore narcissistic me.

We met Jeffery somewhere around and he tagged along. x)

And here's Xiu Yu with her autographed BFF CD.

Speaking of BFF, they had an autograph session there too. Most of BFF's MV was taken in my secondary school. OMG.

Here's the MV for those who are unfamiliar with the song.

Too bad I couldn't get the front view. It was too crowded. D:

Also, a few of Astro's artistes were present at the event too. Check out the hot guy and the beauties! x)

I really like the splash in this picture. Had to be one of my best pictures so far.

There were also some performances for the opening ceremony. Lion dances play a really important part in Chinese festivals so here they are.

Also, a dance by the schoolchildren. Here's a mom videotaping the dance with her Samsung Tab.

Met some more friends and wandered around some more. Most of my previous classmates and schoolteachers don't recognise me. I was really happy when a teacher remembered me. Oh well, I was her favourite anyway. But it still makes me happy because most of the teachers who taught me weren't teaching there anymore.

We finished about 3pm, after the winners for the lucky draw were announced. Unfortunately, we didn't get anything. I mean, I really wanted that mountain bike or the iPad3, but guess things don't come so easily.

I think that the school had achieved the target yesterday. Good luck to my juniors! And to SJK(C)Sungai Buloh! God, I really feel happy for them!!

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