A New Dawn.


Or, as I like to say, a new beginning. Everyone's making new year resolutions and out celebrating a new year.

After coming back from Korea, I've learnt quite a lot on their traditions. Turned out that they love to watch sunrises on the beginning of each year. They get to ponder on their plans in the new year, and also on the memories of the past year.

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As for me, I didn't exactly do such a noble thing. I just go on with my daily routine. I still couldn't make myself get up so early to watch the sunrise. Well, it may have something to do with the new year countdown yesterday night at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. The performance was OK, but the fireworks? Superb!

I will be taking my SPMs next year. And I'm going to get full As. Hopefully all A1s. THAT'S my goal. And to achieve that, I'll just have to remind myself to study harder and try to not fall asleep in class. Well, some of the teachers are not extremely great at teaching and some are quite good at hypnotism.
Let's just hope that I'll succeed.

2012, it's been such a great year. I've done lots of things that I never thought I'd do in my entire life. Such as, shopping in Milan, visit the Eiffel, made snow angels, rode a 4WD on sand dunes, skiing, etc.
There's just so many things.

No matter how minor it was, I still appreciate each and every one of them. I've learnt quite a lot in 2012. And also made lots of friends at school and also on my holidays. Not to forget those that I've made via the Internet.

Thank you, to those that helped me throughout the year. Friends and relatives alike, and also teachers. If I have to name a few, Jocelyn, Helen, Vichy, Angela, Phyn Ping and Evelyn from 4A Zhong 2012; Also, Apple, Michelle, Jac, JiaWen, Elaine, Xing Tong, Xiu Yu and Tamtong for listening to me. Hahaha. Sorry if I bothered you guys. x)
I'm a lot happier now, with a new year to look forward to.

2012 has given me so much. Although there are still ups and downs and some problems with this and that, I still thank heavens for this awesome year. I'll cherish those memories for my entire life.

2013, I'm up for the challenge. Are you?
What's YOUR goal for 2013?

Last of all, let's welcome the new year with a toast! Kunbae!

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