The Teseum, Jeju Island, Korea.


Teseum, a.k.a. Te-seum, or Teddy Museum. It is also called Teddy Safari.

It's also one of my favourite places on Jeju Island. The other one, I've already mentioned it here.

Teddy bears, named after Theodore Roosevelt, are such popular toys. Even I have a few of my own. But the teddy bears here are oh-my-gosh-so-frickin-cute!

See what I meant?

They don't only have Teddies on display but also some other stuffed animals too.

You could cuddle the teddy bears in the museum.
Kiss them, hug them, flirt with them.. your choice. 

Some Teddies like these are posed for photographs. 

And there's an inflated Teddy, but only children can climb on it. Don't attempt unless you are light, very very light. x)


Can't find one from Malaysia. But there are quite a lot of bears from lots of countries!

They have a Hera bear which costs about 10mil USD on display too. Magnificent!

I've collage-d some of the photos taken. These are miniature bears, showing scenes from movies, shows and stuff. Adorable, aren't they?

Bears of Olympus. Dont think the top left one is also an Olympian but I decided to add her in as she looks classy.

There are also these famous paintings. Oops, or should I say bear models?

Recognise any of them?

Panda family? Hahaha.

There are lots more bears on display. And they are free to be held. Awwww. Seemed like heaven to me.

And there's this frickin huge bear. Even its arms are heavy. How I wish I could carry it home but it really weighs a lot. Darnit :(

I seriously LOVE this place. A MUST-VISIT!!
Not too expensive either. Click HERE to find out more.


School started again on the 2nd. Stay positive! (even though I'm sitting next to a toilet bowl, seriously)

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