Trip to Microsoft Malaysia + We Speak Code


Seems like a fancy place huh? You'll probably have to excuse some of the blurry photos. :P

I am proud to announce that I am now part of the few hundred students that has visited Microsoft HQ Malaysia so far. *laugh of satisfaction*

So many Microsoft products lined up, namely Surface Pros and Nokia Lumias (anyway, it's byebye to Nokia Lumia and hello to Microsoft Lumia)

I expected a little more from such a renowned company and I was thinking something like Google from The Internship but well, beggars can't be choosers. Microsoft Malaysia is quite cool too. At least the staff are not tied down to office desks.

We were there thanks to the collaboration of INTI College and Microsoft Malaysia. Our class jumped at the chance because c'mon, how many students in Malaysia can say that they've visited Microsoft Malaysia?

Microsoft Malaysia is located at Tower 3, next to the Petronas Twin Towers.

Weird-looking owner of the blog in school uniform. Meh. (btw since this was a little overdue *ahem* I've gotten a haircut since then hahah)

Another blur we-fie I've found in my phone. Agh.

We were there as part of the We Speak Code program. The aim is to get more people to learn coding and programming and to show that coding is easy. Well, it's awesome when they get these Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies as examples.
Besides that, INTI College invited several of its partner universities to present their campuses and available courses.

After 20-30 mins, my friends and I managed to crack an hour worth of codes. Yippee! It's actually kind of fun though. Click HERE to play. There are also a lot of fun and creative ways to learn coding in the website!

More posts coming up soon since I've just came back from my class trip and also a food trip and graduation (darnit. there's just so many stuff the last two weeks)

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