Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid.


My aunt and cousins from Malacca decided to meet us at Sunway Pyramid last Saturday. They recommended a Taiwanese restaurant called Fong Lye. We havn't tried this particular restaurant, so why not?

It was quite crowded last Saturday, being dinnertime and all but I did not manage to snap a photo of the shop then so a substitute from the Internet will do. After waiting for something like 15 minutes, we finally got a place.

There aren't many choices. It's just your average Taiwanese food. Well, I've tried a few Taiwanese restaurants in the past and I've even been to Taiwan so I guess the food was just OK. Variety wise, it's the usual: fried crispy chicken, mee suah, more fried crispy chicken, etc. 

For appetizers, we had fried calamari and fried mushrooms. If you're wondering, the one on the left is the mushroom and the one on the right is the calamari. The calamari, being almost everyone's favorite, was gone within minutes. I only had one and when I reached out for the second one, the whole plate was empty. Darnit.

This, is a bowl of sour and spicy noodles.

And here's the pig intestine mee suah. It wasn't too bad by the way.

Crispy chicken, as promised. They come with either rice or noodles. And say "hi" to my cousin in the second picture. x)

This dish, well, it had a name but I've forgotten it. So, I named it Pork-with-cheese-and-rice-with-egg. This was what I had but seriously, the only nice parts are the croquette and the apple salad.
I wanted to have the crispy chicken set at the first place but since we've already ordered 4 sets of those, why not try some other stuff? Therefore, the pork-with-cheese-and-rice-with-egg. Full of regret.

Lil' bro posing with the sculpture in front of the restaurant.

We managed to skip dessert as we were quite full. Anyway, if I were to rate this restaurant, it'll be a 7 out of 10. Points scored for the crispy chicken and mee suah but points deducted for the pork and rice dish.

Oh well, until the next time.

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