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There's no limit to what technology brings us.
I saw an article on the newspaper about 3D printing, which I've heard rumors of but is not quite popular here. Surprisingly, 3D printers already exist in the 1980s but its functions were limited. It wasn't until the large growth of these machines in 2003 that people took 3D printing into another level. And yes, they are quite costly.

3D printer

So, basically, you'll just have to design a virtual image of whatever you want to produce and send it to the printer. There are computer programs for you to do so. You can choose templates from the program so you'll just have to customise it. You could also scan a physical object if you want to duplicate something.
It will then print layers of plastics according to your design. And ta-da! You've got your very own 3D print!
Yes, that's the SUPER BASIC and SIMPLE idea to it.

These two sites offer 3D printing service. Just upload your designs and they'll print it out for you: ShapewaysKraftwurx

3D printed stainless steel product

Different technologies are introduced to 3D printing. Some melt materials or soften them and make layers out of them whilst others harden certain materials. The layers are then cut and shaped together to produce the desired product. The time taken for the product to be ready for use depends on the size and the complicity of the product itself. Some take 1 hour to complete while some others take days or even weeks. Who knows?

3D printed guitars

3D printing is used in different fields such as medical, jewellery, engineering, architecture, education, aerospace, etc. There are also those who use it to create personalised items and make it their hobby.

3D printed bones

3D printed jewellery

Boat printed from recycled milk jugs

Toys printed in 3D

First 3D printed airplane in 2050?
Airbus employee Bastian Schafer plans to put together the first 3D printed airplane by 2050. Transparent materials will be used for the plane body so that passengers will feel as if they were close to the clouds.
Hope that my heart could take it when the plane is completed.

With this kind of technology, you could create anything you want. There's no limit to it. According to Cnet, 3D printed meat will be available in the future. I mean, seriously?

3D printed guns
There are still some debate as to whether these guns are against the American law because these guns are made with plastics and not metal. However, these thermoplastics could melt when experiencing the heat given off by a gas-powered rifle. So, it still needs a little improvement.

3D model of a live foetus

One of Tokyo's health clinics offered resin-cast 3D model of your unborn baby. You could also settle for a part of the body if not the whole foetus. In my opinion, it is quite creepy. Why would I want a 3D model of a foetus on my table? So that I could stare at it and wonder at it? Maybe. In a few years' time perhaps.

Guess that's all for now.

Got some 3D printed projects to share? Try Thingiverse. It is a platform for 3D printing enthusiasts.
And for more news on 3D printing, check 3D Printing News.

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