DIY Chocolate Banana Ice Pops


My sister bought a book from the warehouse sales about making ice pops, or popsicles. Unfortunately, we didn't have all the ingredients needed so we decided to make do with whatever we had then. It was night time and we just had the mood to make a few ice pops.

Therefore, the chocolate banana flavour.

First of all, get some bananas and some chocolates. We used about 6 bananas and perhaps 5 chocolates. Well, anything is fine, as long as you like it. and edible, of course. I mean, you'll be the one eating it. Oh yes, you'll also need some sugar syrup, made from mixing sugar and water.

Put the bananas into a blender and let it stay in there for a few seconds.

Add in the chocolates and pour in some sugar syrup next.

After that, put the mixture into an ice pop freezer mold. Or, in this case, an ice cube tray.
Yes, it looked all mushy and discouraging. To lighten it up a little, we added some sprinkles. Presentation, you know? You could also add in some chocolate syrup.

Secure it with some cling wrap and push the toothpicks into them. As you may have guessed, the cling wrap is to secure the toothpicks. An alternative without cling wrap would be leaving the tray in the fridge for an hour and push the toothpicks in so that they could stay in place.

After a few hours, or rather the next day, I had my share of ice pops. Fine, it still looked mushy but there's the taste of bananas and chocolates in it.

Anyway, ran out of things to make ice pops with. Well, it could wait until my next grocery trip..

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