MBO Premiere Class: Maleficent.


It all started with a spontaneous visit to Citta Mall and the urge to watch Maleficent. OK, I know it's been out for a few weeks but I was quite busy and didn't manage to watch it until yesterday.

I've never been to the MBO at Citta Mall before this and I have to admit that I was surprised when I stepped out of the lift to the 3rd floor.

I was greeted by toy blocks and colourful alphabets. Also, note the hopscotch positioned towards the cinema entrance. It's really something special as there are rarely themed cinemas in Malaysia.

The whole place is SO colourful! There's also an abstract wall filled with LEGOs there. 

Anyway, the only convenient showtime is screened in a premiere room so we decided to have a try. It's RM18 for adults and RM12 for children, slightly more expensive than your usual movie tickets at other cinemas.

So, what is so special about the premiere class movies?

First of all, the seats there are all twin seats, with movable hand rests. Which makes it kind of like couple seats. And we had 5 people then. Do the maths. Undoubtedly, one of us had to take a single seat. Guess I was the lucky candidate.
Well, on the bright side, I get to have two seats to myself. :D

The second thing that one would notice is, the vibrations are pretty strong in the premiere rooms. I mean, you could really feel the footsteps of the giant trees or the fall of the soldiers, which is quite cool. The thumping made the movie better in my opinion.

Well, that's pretty much it. No audio enhancements like GSC's THX rooms but well, I had a sofa seat (sort of) since the seat next to me is empty.

Now, the movie.

"But, as many thought whenever they saw the graceful figure soaring through the air, it took a great hero and a terrible villain to make it all come about. And her name was Maleficent."

Before the movie, we knew Maleficent as the evil Disney witch below:

Yep, she was the one who appeared out of nowhere and cursed Aurora for no reason. 

However, Robert Stromberg's Maleficent portrayed her as a heroic villain. This remake of the classical Disney Sleeping Beauty is claimed to be the summer blockbuster of 2014.

The storyline is probably not as good as they claim but let's be honest, Angelina Jolie made a very good Maleficent. Her tone and her expressions, whoa. Hero or villain, she did it pretty well.

The other attraction of the movie is the beautiful visual. That's not odd as Robert Stromberg was the production designer for Alice in Wonderland and Oz the Great and Powerful. These two movies had picturesque scenes and made the movies more fairytale-ish.

Darn, I love beautiful CGI.

Elle Fanning as Aurora.

In short, Maleficent is a strong and kind fairy who lived in the Moors but her heart was broken by Stefan, a human peasant boy as he'd rather betray Maleficent than let the chance to be the king pass.
Accompanied by Dival, a raven whom she helped save his life and often shapeshifts him, Maleficent cursed his newborn daughter (see, it wasn't without proper reason), Aurora, at her christening.

"Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel."

Thistlewit, Knotgrass and Flittle were ordered to raise Aurora far from the city and all spinning wheels to be burnt and locked in the dungeons.

Thistlewit, Knotgrass, and Flittle: The three fairies in charge of raising Aurora till a day after her 16th birthday.

Even though Maleficent did not care for Aurora at first, she grew fond of her as the years passed and even formed an invisible bond with her as her "fairy godmother". It was a little touching (or maybe I'm getting sentimental).

----------little spoiler ahead-------------

In the end, the plot took a surprising twist unlike Frozen. Well, who is to say that true love only exists between couples?

Disney proved it again.

All in all, it's a movie to enjoy and my sister didn't mind to watch it a second time (well, this is her second time) so I guess that made it a story more suitable for girls instead of my brother's oh-God-so-boring verdict.

Anyway, I will be back with more posts from my little trip (ok, not so little). Where to? Stay tuned!
*failed Maleficent laugh because I'm not as good as Angelina Jolie*

-photos Googled due to the lack of a proper camera and laziness. credits to the original owners.-

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