Rainbow Village, Taichung.


We went on a little detour on our way back from Cing Jing Farm (well, I'll update about that later). Our tour guide/driver introduced us to this little village in Taichung since it is on the way back to Taipei.

I thought it would be a little bigger but the vibrancy was not what I expected. Whoa.

It is actually a very, very small place with a few houses which a 92-year-old veteran brought to life with his brushes even though he did not attend art classes nor did he major in arts.
It's fascinating, really. He has his own style of drawing. They call him, Rainbow Grandpa.

It is not a commercialised area and to be honest, not plastered in every guidebook. Therefore, it is a less-known place. It will take about 15 to 30 minutes for you to wander around the "village", snap some photos, admire the drawings..

We saw a bridal photoshoot at the area when we arrived. Also, there's another group filming a graduation video, since it's nearing graduation day in Taiwan. And a photographer with his model who looked like a Korean star, according to my cousin. Okay...

There's this guy in an Ironman mask and striking clothes playing his guitar. It was a very hot day indeed. Thumbs up.

There are also wishing cards, for people to write their wishes and comments and leave it in the village. It's a messy kind of nice to me.

Couldn't resist snapping a photo from the back but well, I'm kinda disappointed with my cousin's photography skills .-.

There's also a park and a kid's playground outside. The park is very colourful and cute. It's really a vibrant place.

Some of the 12 Chinese Zodiacs.

pic from Aunt's phone

This place is adorable for portrait photography and there's also a sign there writing, "Let's Get Married", being one of the reasons why we saw a bridal photoshoot that day. Hahaha.

Place worth to stop by if you are in the area. Different kind of experience, you can say.

Rainbow Village
Lane 56, Chun'an Road, 

Taichung, Taiwan.

So, anyway, am a little busy these days with school activities such as a school carnival this coming weekend. Wish me luck! Drop by my school if you are free :D

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